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Bert’s Vacuums helps keep your home or business looking and smelling its best with high-quality deodorizing and cleaning products from our Medicine Hat store. We have everything you need for effective cleaning, including hardworking cleaning products that are safe for pets and the environment. We are proud to be distributors of the Dustbane product line of high-performance, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly cleaners and deodourizers.


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Carpet Cleaners

Appendix 1 – Equipment Classifications


Light Duty – smaller than a width of 20″ uses a handle and typically used in a vacuuming motion.
Medium Duty – Larger than a width of 20″. Walk behind or push. Not motorized.
Heavy Duty – Larger than a width of 20″. Walk behind. ride on, or stand on motorized.


Micro-Smaller than a width of 14″. Capacity of less than 8L.
Mini-smaller than a width of 17″. Capacity of less than 30L
Walk Behind-all machines that are used that you walk behind.

a. Traction Drive- Machines that are equipped with an additional motor that drives the main wheels on the machine. No effort is required by the operator to move the machine regardless if it is in cleaning mode or transport mode.

b. Brush Assist- Machines that are not equipped with an additional motor.When the brush is in the down cleaning) position, the forward motion of the machine is provided by the operator. the natural motion of the brushes assists the operator in the forward motion. When the brushes are in the transport mode, the operator must provide all the motion for the machine.


Ride-0n –The operator is required to sit on the machine which is equipped with hand steering controls and foot pedals for all operations.
Stand-on –The operator is required to stand on a platform for the operation.Usually controlled with hand steering controls and foot pedals for all operations. These machines generally offer better productivity and site lines than their Ride-on competitors.


Bert’s Vacuums offers only the highest quality products from the most trusted manufacturers to keep your home or business clean, fresh and healthy, including:

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