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With a huge inventory of quality replacement parts and accessories for many makes and models, you can depend on the vacuum specialists at Bert’s Vacuum to have the right parts for efficient vacuum repairs. Offering service and repair of most major brands of vacuum cleaners and systems, we perform warranty work in our shop for 100% of the products we sell. We also offer mobile services at your home or business for onsite maintenance and repair of central vacuum systems


Bert’s Vacuums offers a variety of in-store and on-location services to keep your cleaning equipment performing for years to come or installing that custom central vacuum system.


Bert’s Vacuums repairs and services a wide variety of vacuums and commercial floor care equipment. Equipment brought to Bert’s Vacuums are considered In-store repairs. Equipment that requires Bert’s Vacuums to send a technician to the customer’s equipment location is considered On-site repairs. Customers that purchase equipment through us and/or those that choose to sign-on with a Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) enjoy reduced rates and priority in the In-store Repair Queue.
I. In-store Repairs

Equipment brought to Bert’s Vacuums for repair or service is automatically entered into a queue. The queue is designed to prioritize each repair based on the following conditions:

1) Whether the unit is for commercial use or residential. Commercial equipment is given priority over residential since downtime costs are much more elevated for a business compared to a residence.

2) If the unit was purchased from Bert’s Vacuums. Bert’s Vacuums customers are given priority over those who purchased their unit elsewhere.

3) Is there is PMP program in place. Part of buying any preventative maintenance program is given repair priority.

Based on the above conditions, the In-Store Repair Queue is built in the following manner:

In-store repair queue

1. Commercial Equipment purchased at Bert’s and on PMP (No Estimate Fees, 20% discount on service Base Rates, 10% discount on parts)


2. Commercial Equipment purchased at Bert’s (No Estimate Fees, 15% discount on service Base Rates)

3. Commercial Equipment on PMP (No Estimate Fees, 10% discount on service Base Rates)

4. Residential Equipment purchased at Bert’s and on PMP (No Estimate Fees, 20% discount on service Base Rates, 10% discount on parts)

5. Residential Equipment purchased at Bert’s (No Estimate Fees, 15% discount on service Base Rates)

6. Residential Equipment on PMP (No Estimate Fees, 10% discount on service Base Rates)

7. Commercial Equipment

8. All other equipment

Bert’s Vacuums will attempt (but not guarantee) to accommodate those customers from out of town on the day they are in town. This is based on current workload and the availability of parts.

II. On-Site Repairs

Equipment can not always be transported to Bert’s Vacuums for service or repair. In this case a service call is booked for a technician to come on-site to perform the repair. Service calls are booked from 9:00am – 2:00pm, Monday thru Friday and are based solely on the technician’s schedule. Exceptions to this would be a PMP where the PMP allows for same day service. In cases such as this the technician’s schedule may change to accommodate, and potentially other appointments may need to be rescheduled.

III. Repair Service Rates

In-store repairs are billed whichever is higher:

1) Minimum charge.


2) By the Shop Hourly Rate in 15-minute increments
Maintenance items such as clean / service along with other common repairs haven been given a fixed rate.
On-site repairs are billed the service call rate. This is the minimum for the service call and provides up to the first hour of service. Time following the first hour is billed out at the Shop Hourly Rate in 15-minute increments.
Base and Fixed Service Rates are as follows (Parts are not included in these rates)

1) Traditional – Traditional inlet valves are strategically placed in the house to allow for maximum coverage with a 30 ft hose. 35 ft hoses are available if 30 ft hose will not work. Pipe is run from the valves to the central vacuum unit in the shortest and straightest line possible. There are two types of standard inlet valves:

a) Low Voltage – These valves handle low voltage signal sent out by the central vacuum unit. When the signal gets back to the machine it will turn on. An electrical outlet is normally installed within 5 feet of these valves. The end user would then plug in the electrical pigtail on the hose to allow the use of an electrical power nozzle to clean carpets.
b) High Voltage – These valves handle the low voltage signal described above plus handle the 120V required by an electric power nozzle. This allows the end-user to configure the hose without the electrical pigtail. Rather the hose is configured with pins that carry the necessary electrical power to run the power nozzle. This hose configuration is also known as “direct connect”.
2) Retractable Hose – The ultimate in central vacuum systems. No more bulky hose to put away. When finished, simply cover the end of the hose up and the hose will be pulled back up into the wall. Inlet valves are strategically placed in the house to allow for maximum coverage with the fewest amount of hoses. Hose lengths are 30 ft, 40 ft and 50 ft. 60 ft hoses are available; however, are not normally used unless no other option exists. The first portion of pipe that is run from the inlet valve will store the hose so it must be a minimum length of the hose being stored inside. The remaining pipe installed is done so in the straightest and shortest line possible back to the machine.
3) Hybrid – This is a combination of the Traditional and Retractable Hose. The retractable hose installation does not allow for an electrical power nozzle. If an electrical power nozzle is necessary, then traditional inlet valves are strategically placed to allow for maximum coverage where the power nozzle is needed. Once the type of central vacuum install is chosen, accessories that are roughed into the system should be considered. Accessories increase the functionality and convenience of a central vacuum system by. There are several to choose from to fit the specific need of the customer.

1) Wally Flex –
Quick and easy access to the full power of your central vacuum. Stretch hose goes from 2ft to 13ft. Great for smaller areas that need frequent pickups such as laundry rooms, boot rooms, bathrooms, workbenches, garages, etc.
2) Vacuum Sweep –
One of the most popular accessories added on to central vacuum systems. Get rid of the dustpan and simply sweep the debris right into this device and the central vacuum does the rest.
3) Vroom retractable hose 18Ft and 24Ft –
Fits out of sight in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Hang I from the ceiling of your garage and have the full power of your central vacuum in a convenient retractable hose. 18 ft hose for bathroom cabinets. 24 ft hose for kitchen cabinets.
4) Spot by Vroom –
Combine the functionality of a wally flex and the out-of-site aesthetic of a retractable hose. This hose will stretch out to 15 ft and when done, retract back up into the wall. A great upgrade of the Wally Flex.

5) Vroom Retract Vac – Bring the speed and convenience of central vacuum retractable hose systems to your garage. Comes standard with a 30 ft hose; but, can be upgraded up to a 40 ft or even 50 ft hose. Surface-mounted and many additional tools to choose from make this the fastest, most convenient way to clean your garage and everything inside it.
Central Vacuum Unit and Hose Kit(s) additional Machine to be installed in the “Final” stage must have been purchased from Bert’s Vacuums. Installation of dual motor units are an additional $25

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